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At City Speech Center, we believe that your child should be heard loud and clear. The good news is: whether you have a toddler with a speech delay, a child with autism, or a teen with unclear speech-we believe that your child can succeed! We take pride in assisting our clients to reach their goals and potential. Providing pediatric speech therapy, in-house or at our office, is what we do best.

For close to 20 years, we have seen consistent success by providing dynamic speech therapy for children in a friendly and relaxed environment. We realize that building a positive relationship with both parent and child goes a long way toward effective therapy. See what some of our past clients have to say!

City Speech Center is a private speech-language pathology practice serving clients in the North Dallas, Plano, and Richardson areas. Shira Meltzer CCC-SLP specializes in providing treatment to children with: articulation disorders, autism, motor planning difficulties, lispslanguage delays, learning disabilities, processing difficulties, and other communication disorders.

In order to accommodate our clients we offer:

  • All our services are available via teletherapy
  • A free 15 minute phone consultation
  • A no wait list policy
  • Financial aid guidance
  • Sessions in your home or our office


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Motor planning difficulties

Learning disabilities

Processing difficulties

Language delays


Communication challenges


Parent training

What our clients have to say..